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February, 2006

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Metro Detroit Labor Party issues statement to auto workers

Editor's note: The statement below was contained in a flyer distributed by the Metro Detroit Labor Party at a demonstration by auto workers at the Detroit Auto Show, January 8, 2006.


The Metro Detroit Labor Party is resolute and steadfast in our support in your battle against corporate greed and exploitation of our workforce. It is the reason we formed our organization -- to assist workers in the fight against corporate attacks. It is insulting that Delphi and other corporations drive down our wages, attempting to eliminate healthcare while continuing to receive millions of dollars in tax breaks from national, state, county and local governments. While receiving these tax breaks on the basis of providing jobs, they get the money and close plants, increase layoffs and stifle our healthcare. Your courageous struggle is important because our workforce is increasingly becoming temporary, contingency, underemployed and homeless

We would be remiss to not mention a major struggle against another corporate giant, Whirlpool, in which one of the leaders of the Benton Harbor protest is facing 20 years in federal prison on trumped up charges of vote fraud. Individually, they can defeat us. Together, we stand and victory can certainly be ours. In solidarity,


The Metro Detroit labor Party is an affiliate of the Labor Party. For membership information or to add your name to the mailing list, contact us at 248-434-9291 or write 29136 Tessemer Court, Madison Heights, MI 48071

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