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August, 2006

Poetry by Sarah Menefee

this space

it was going to be enough: this space
of the turning season: enough but for the pretty young mother
with a child and baby in a stroller begging near Embarcadero Station

"I need enough money for a cup of coffee and
maybe a little piece of cake in there"

-- Sarah Menefee

kicking to live

a little spark of life in every body
kicking to live struggling to live: unkillable desire
coterminous with the great starry stretch of it

the light of day: that gentle fire

-- Sarah Menefee

Sarah Menefee has a new book of extraordinary poetry, Human Star. Her other books include I'm Not Thousandfurs and The Blood About the Heart. She has been a homeless and anti-hunger activist. She is available to speak through Speakers for a New America at http://www.speakersforanewamerica.com.

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