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Lenette Evans ministering to some of Benton Harborís homeless at the riverfront.
By Lenette Evans, St. Joseph, Michigan

We all live day to day going about our own lives, going to work, caring for our children and families, paying bills, going on vacations and having dinner with friends and family. Here in Benton Harbor, Michigan, there are many homeless people living under bridges and at the riverfront, in abandoned homes, alleys, and throughout the city with no place to go.

I am a street Evangelist and have been ministering and working with the homeless, prostitutes, alcohol and drug abusers for several years. I am ministering mostly to people who are on the streets, in the Emergency Women's Shelter Soup Kitchen, Peter's House Ministry, Salvation Army, Homeless on the Riverfront, under bridges and wherever the Lord leads me.

To minister to the lost is not just about preaching the word of God and praying with them. It's about building genuine friendships, getting to know them and hearing their story and their heart and taking time to listen and accept them for who they are, just as Jesus Christ has loved us. Homeless people and those living in poverty need unconditional love from a caring community and churches that will seriously rise up and make a difference.

We don't need mayors, commissioners, and city officials and people who say they are going to do something to help the homeless and find them housing but do absolutely nothing. A lot of people say a lot but very few do anything to help, including those in churches in the community.

"The Righteous Care About Justice For The Poor, But The Wicked Have No Such Concern" (PROVERBS 29:7)

We ALL need to be a community that gets involved and shakes the world to empower and impact the lives of others. Just imagine what it would be like if we would all begin to look at life and others from God's perspective?

Often through the week I am helping the homeless with food and clothing when I am able to have the resources. Recently my church "First Assembly Of God," in St. Joseph, Michigan, had a picnic at Riverview Park and I was able to feed people while ministering to the people and getting to know others. What a good feeling it is to be able to give to those in need and less fortunate than ourselves. When we look at the needs of others instead of our own selfish needs it's a blessing. There is something we can ALL give to help others.

We are all called to ministry in one way or another. There is someone in each of our lives we can minister too and show some godly love too to make a difference and build better friendships. We all have busy lives but if someone is important too you...you make the time!

"And He Said To Them Go Into All The World And Preach The Gospel To Every Creature" (MARK 16:15)

We are to love one another but its when we can truly see the love of Christ and humble ourselves before Jesus and let the holy spirit work through us that people will be able to have a deep love and compassion for all people, all races, and color to rise up.

We need to be better communicators and listeners. Homeless people are people too and they are smart, intelligent and some are creative and artistic like Orlandis Cage, an artist and advocate, and Larry who helps cook for people at the riverfront. These people all need a better chance and life. They need hope and to have people make them feel that they are worthy and have a purpose and to know their destiny.

If people in this community cannot make a difference in helping the homeless and those in poverty; if our leaders and officials do not do what they say they are going to do; how in the world will anyone change the next generation of our children if we are not godly examples and doers of the word in this generation?

Let's all stand up and be the type of community that makes powerful impacting change in our community and the lives of other people.

Emal: SavingSouls1@yahoo.com or call 269-429-0594

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