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Lenette Evans.
By Lenette Evans

We do not have good strong Christian leadership in our communities. In order to be a great leader a person must be seen as a servant first, serving in the community and reaching out to the people in need.

Building friendships is the key…considering the needs of others before our own self, seeking their good and encouraging their spiritual growth with God.

It is treating others the way God has treated you, loving one another unconditionally. We will never lose a position in leadership if we lose ourselves for others first.

I hope that all leaders in the kingdom will commit themselves to fully developing their leadership potential, be willing to move out of the comfort zones, learn new skills and disciplines, and submit to a process of retraining.

Leaders need to be on an intense growth track spiritually, to read and reflect, to seek training, to look for godly mentors, and to begin a nonstop search for the best leadership models we can possibly find. Leaders, be humble enough to learn!

"Whatever You Do, Do It Wholeheartedly, As To The Lord And Not To Men."

We need to ALL be effective in what we do, impacting and empowering people's lives in the community for Jesus Christ everyday!

Good leadership is being a witness focusing on the Lord, and it has to be done with love and humility--motivated by a desire for his glory, not our own.

To be genuine Christ-like leaders that are passionate and serious about making a godly difference in the community around us, people need to stop being lazy and selfish and start thinking of the needs of the people who are hurting.

How can a mayor be a mayor and make a godly difference and change in his community if he is a hypocrite? How can a commissioner be a commissioner if he is selling drugs out of his house in his neighborhood? How can a reverend claim to be a reverend if he beats his wife and rapes his niece?

To truly be a Christ-like leader a person must be living, breathing and obeying the word of God in what the Bible says daily, and being a godly example to those around us.

How can people empower the lives of others when they are worse than the alcoholic, drug addict, or prostitute on the street that is lost?

It all begins with godly change … seeking God's vision for the kingdom and his plan and purpose for our life and seeking his will, not our own.

The quality of a person's character is revealed by how he or she influences the lives of others and people in our younger generations … raising up godly leaders to build a community God's way!

We have a community of hurting and lost people that needs healing and deliverance. A community that is in desperate need of Jesus Christ and miraculous change.

Let's all be the kind of leaders that are highly motivated, investing time and energy developing soaring fruit-bearing leaders that are building God's kingdom and impacting lives, not lies!

If you are going to be a leader in the community, then do it in a godly way or step aside and make way for those who do stand up for Jesus Christ....those who are God-honoring shepherding leaders on a mission and working together in unity in the churches and the community. God is going to build up the community and prosper his people, we just need to show him we can do our part. So let's get to work!

Lenette Evans
St. Joseph, MI

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