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Lenette Evans

By Lenette Evans

We are ALL one paycheck away from being homeless. Politicians don't respond to the people...imagine living on the streets when you are hungry, haven't eaten in days, scared for your life with no place to go for shelter. It is frightening especially at night. You end up sleeping under a bridge, in a dumpster, or in a doorway and don't know if you are going to get beaten up or shot.
How can people praise God in the church and walk by a homeless person on the street?

How we look at a homeless person makes a difference. We need to look at a homeless person as a person -- not as someone who is not worthy. Most people who are homeless without adequate health care live only to about 50-55 years of age. Homeless people at one time had a home and a good job. We spend billions of dollars for a war but... we won't give a homeless person a hamburger to eat.

Every person living on the street has a story to tell and others in society think it will never happen to them. You just never know and everyday in America someone is losing their job, forced to put their home up for sale, and their car gets repossessed.

Homeless people get put on the back burner in society and need housing and public restrooms! In Benton Harbor, Michigan 97% of the people live beyond poverty levels. We are in serious need of leaders and the community to rise up and for a revival of the Holy Spirit to come alive. Its not about how many people you can pack into a church, but how effectively you impact your community around you.

So how do you change a city? The answer is for people to get involved...ADOPT A BLOCK!!! ADOPT A BLOCK works effectively in other cities and neighborhoods across America and it can work in Benton Harbor! Whether its taking food, cleaning the streets, planting flowers, or playing with kids we need to show God's unconditional love to these families.

I attend First Assembly Of God Church in St. Joseph, Michigan. We have a church ministry bus that goes through the neighborhoods in Benton Harbor on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights to pick up adults and youth, and children that want to attend church and programs we offer.... so if you see the church blue bus flag it down and hop on the bus or call myself or the church for pickup.

People are hurting and want people to listen to their story and their heart. We need to show them that Christian love that someone truly cares. I was feeding the poor one day when this young girl who was a prostitute and cocaine addict came by. I walked over and gave her a big hug and told her I love her and Jesus loves her also as I handed her a plate of food...It put a smile on her face.

Did Jesus turn his back on you or felt that he had a day off? NO! He worked 24 hours a day and reached people, feed, and loved them and did whatever he could on a daily basis.  So what is your plan on making a difference in the community? ACTION speaks louder then words... and there are a whole lot of dead Christians that need to stop being dead corpses in the church and to seriously RISE UP and make a godly difference in the community for JESUS!

Lenette Evans

From the Editors
As the article on this page points out, homelessness today can affect anyone. Government is
abandoning the poor as America's cities are reorganized around the global economy and corporate
profits. Homelessness today is an indictment of the capitalist system. In today's economic and political conditions, it is incurable. It results from the elimination of jobs due to automation. These
jobs are gone forever. What can we do? The power of society must be brought to bear to compel the
government to house everyone in need.

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