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By Lenette Evans
Saving Souls Ministries

Here in our community people are not rising up, waking up and coming together like they should. People in the churches are sitting in the pews waiting merciless for a supernatural miracle and don't do anything to give to the community or those in need. God does not honor or bless a pew sitter!

Many pastors are preaching a good message but nobody is coming out and getting on the streets and witnessing to the poor, the homeless and those who are lost.  Jesus said "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel". He did not say go ye Hippocrates and sit in the pew and do nothing!

Our Pastors are our Shepherd and we are the flock. They give us instruction according to the word of God and what we need and we are to apply it throughout the rest of the week in our daily lives. Galatians 6:9-10 "Let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart"

Its up to the congregation to Rise up and be the man and woman of God and reaching out to the poor and giving them unconditional love and compassion.
Proverbs 29:7  "The righteousness care about the poor. But the wicked have no such concern."

But Pastors if you are not being seen in the community on the streets and witnessing to the lost and the poor and feeding them, then how in the world do you expect your congregation to follow in your footsteps if you are NOT doing what you are preaching!

There are so many things people in the community can do to reach others in need. In Benton Harbor there are many children and teens who need godly structure today and need someone to take an interest and who will listen and spend time with them. The time you spend with your kids today will affect and play a big role in their futures.  Ephesians 6:4 "Fathers do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord".

Be a godly ROLE MODEL to these kids don't yell and scream at your children. A lot of times your kids are just wanting to be loved and want a little of your time. They need fun creative activities and things to do like a going for a walk, sitting down and playing board games, reading books to younger children, going to the park for a picnic, or other activities. Be creative!

On Saturdays "First Assembly Of God Church" every year offers "KIDS STREET MINISTRY" at Broadway Park at Broadway/May at 10:00a.m.-12:00noon they offer games, snacks, a chance to win prizes, fun activity and ministry for kids. for more information please call 269-556-1422 this is an exciting and fun time for kids to get involved and something they will enjoy.

In the meantime adults in the community can start by cleaning up their neighborhoods, or volunteering at the "Emergency Women's Shelter," reading to kids after school. The "Benton Harbor Soup Kitchen" is in need helpers and servers and the "Volunteer Center Of Southwest Michigan" always has something that people can get involved in.
Let's all make this a summer that will make a difference in the community and in other people's lives by GIVING to those and showing Godly love wherever we Go.

Lenette Evans
Lenette Evans

Fran Cleaves
Dedication of a ‘Revolutionary Tree’ in honor of the late Frances
Cleaves at Mott Community College, Flint, Michigan.
Flint, Michigan – On May 1, 2008, labor and community activists, friends and family gathered to dedicate a 'Revolutionary Tree' in honor of the late Frances Cleaves at Mott Community College. Organizers for the event, Sisters United, Poverty Roundtable, and Michigan Welfare Rights Organization, felt that as a champion and a voice for the cause of working people and poor people in the Flint community and beyond, May Day was the most appropriate day for the event. As a labor holiday founded here in the U.S., May Day gives us an opportunity to celebrate workers hard fought victories, summarize and point out a path for future struggles, and salute those such as Frances E. Cleaves who helped to advance the cause. The plaque reads:

           Frances E. Cleaves
          This 'Revolutionary Tree’ In honor of a labor and community warrior
          To inspire future generations to fight for a better community
          The struggle continues…

The Mott Community College has opened its arms to the community to hold future May Day events every year at the beautiful Red Maple tree.

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