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Hands Up Ministry
Hands-Up Ministry
Photo/Lenette Evans

By Lenette Evans 

Here in Benton Harbor, Michigan, at the Playland Bingo Hall over on Nickerson near the I-95 overpass, the so-called Rev. Bruce Williams (Hands Up Ministry) is known to many in the community for handing out food to the poor on Saturdays throughout the year.

The food comes in boxes that are dropped off early in the morning and contain fruit, vegetables, snacks, and bread from local farmers, grocery stores, and bakeries.

Around 8:30 in the morning people come from all over in Berrien County to get FREE food. Many that come are poor and disabled elderly who are disabled elderly who cannot stand in the long lines outside for an hour or two. Why should people have to wait so long to get free food?

Because volunteers at the Bingo Hall go through all the boxes put the better quality fruit and veggies in other boxes against the wall and then charge the poor $5.00 each.

Most of the free food is rotten and of poor quality, but people come because they are desperate and cannot afford to shop at a grocery store. Throughout the week the food is gathered from stores and farmers, and then Bruce Williams stores it in a storage unit and lets it rot all week until by Saturday most of it is beyond human consumption.

When Jesus fed the five thousand did he not give his very, very best to all of us? YES HE DID and we are to treat others the same way.

PROVERBS 19:17: "He Who Is Kind To The Poor Lends To The Lord, And He Will Reward Him For What He Has Done".
I remember a few Saturdays ago there was a woman and her elderly sister who could hardly stand or walk and they had waited for a few hours just to get some bread and oranges. Bruce Williams knew this but allowed the volunteers load up huge bags of bread, oranges, apples, and vegetables for themselves while this woman and her sister waited so patiently, because, as they told me, they are so poor they cannot afford to shop at a store anymore. That day they left with nothing but tears!

The FREE food that Bruce Williams gives away for free comes with a huge price tag. Because if you happen to grab the wrong loaf of bread or get vegetables out of the wrong box he will hatefully yell and scream at you, as I have witnessed many times.

Bruce Williams is NO MAN OF GOD but acts like the devil in disguise, taking advantage of the poor and verbally abusing them in the process.

Berrien County seriously needs to put a stop to Bruce Williams and what he is doing, deceiving the poor and homeless to whom this food is supposed to go.

MARK 4: 22 "For whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out into the open".

People everywhere are hurting, but Bruce Williams does not need to treat the poor with such disrespect. He needs to change his attitude and start having the heart of God towards others. People of all walks of life are to be treated with RESPECT, and LOVE!

Lenette Evans
Lenette Evans


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