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By Lenette Evans

On August 20th at Riverview Park, in St. Joseph, Michigan a wonderful lady by the name of Beth Weihhand organized an Evening of Praise, Worship and Prayer. Following her heart and passion to obey God, she asked local pastors and churches to attend the evening event and for people in the community to bring a bag of groceries to help feed the homeless in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

Several local churches attended including First Church of God, Washington Ave. Church Of God, Storyline Church, Christ Lutheran, Harbert Community Church, and many others. Everyone came together no matter what denomination, because after all what is important is not a church title but having a relationship with God himself. At the end of the event people broke out in groups of 4-5 people for a powerful prayer time for the needs in the community.

The event had different Christian musicians from the area who played guitar, keyboard and sang Christian songs and was a wonderful peaceful evening among the trees at Riverview Park as the light fire torches softened the mood. People of all cultures came together to worship the Lord and get involved in helping the homeless and the poor.

There are areas in third world countries that have it worst then we do, but right here in Benton Harbor, Michigan and our surrounding areas are a lot of homeless and poor people and many, many children which go hungry with nothing to eat for days or weeks. Many children will have no clothes or school supplies.

There is no reason in the world why we have starving people and children in our communities and across the globe. Our Churches and the people in them and the community need to get serious and WE CAN ALL DO SOMETHING TO HELP THOSE IN NEED.

If Beth Weiehhand can put together a community event and draw in 200 men, women, and children imagine what others can do when we really sit down and think of creative ideas and ways in how we can reach the lost, the homeless, the poor and children in our communities. Come on people lets stop sitting in the pews Sunday after Sunday and do something on a daily and weekly basis to help those that truly need it. I myself have a street ministry and am helping the homeless, the poor and children in need with giving clothes, food, blankets, pillows and school supplies and other needs. I myself am also active in struggles against corporate power and the wealth they hold while people live in such poverty.

If anyone out there wants to help and get involved please contact me. But let us show our Godly love to others as we ought to, unconditionally.

Lenette Evans
Saving Souls Ministry


Public housing residents protest the destruction of their homes during
the Global Day of Action in Atlanta earlier this year.

Dear People's Tribune

Thank you for being the voice for change for many grassroots communities that have no other voice to get factual occurrences out to the masses, when local leadership sells out the Poor of Yahweh's people.

My name is John Fitzgerald Henderson, Sr. My liberation name is Yohannes Abashai Barak, founder/chairman/CEO of the Economic National Underprivileged Foundation (ENUF). Our slogan: "Attacking the roots of poverty and sowing seeds of regional equity."

I'm the Organizer/Advocate/Activist for the Black and low income community of Orlando, Florida, known as Parramore. Like most Black inner cities, this community sits on prime land that has been neglected by the 1977 CRA Legislation and Banks with Regulator's help.

Our organization has authored several economic redevelopment revitalization plans, stood firm against police brutality and withstood the physical, economic and character assaults of the local politicians to deny our voice, and to have the poor of this and other southeast communities empowered with "equity ownership" when development takes place.

To date I have been tased eight times, jailed more than four times. We have held over four protests and wrote close to five major policy initiatives. Before my incarceration on 1-26-08, I tied a police brutality protest of Orlando police department officers tasing and pepper spraying 6-12 month old babies and youth along with numerous adults at a private birthday party. When I returned from "JENA 6" demonstrations, I tied this police brutality with the Ft. Pierce beating of a 14 year old girl to show a national epidemic of police brutality.

Then our organization went into action to demand a larger percent of the $1.2 billion city of Orlando/County of Orange Venues Project. After a 2003 protest of using our tax base dollars to finance rich developer corporations to revitalize our communities with affordable housing that was not affordable and using non-minority, I became the target of political sellouts and racist politicians.  They even had a Ku Klux Klan march where the FBI paid a jailhouse Nazi to organize the march on the Black community. Our Project Turnaround would have created initially 200 jobs for these low income and black residents.

The Sheriff used the same budget we requested and put money into a homeland security non profit he created, then locked up masses of young men and allowed code enforcement of the city of Orlanda and Tax liens to take a lion share of the property. I spoke at a community forum with the richest two hotel/timeshare owners in which they created a petition to recall the funding. I spoke on the topic "no more feasting on the poor of Yahweh's people" with an emphasis on "no more taxation without economic representation" and that we can build new facilities ourselves, since they have stolen the land and now seek to close the 150 year old historic Black community out of its current inclusion in the city. Also, the youth and young adults are being herded into jail and given no representation. In short, I was followed on a continual basis and was physically assaulted. I'm sure men were hired to kill me.

I am requesting the national community assist me with my legal defense and get involved with our organization to continue the community work. I have not taken any money from the powers that be. This is why I'm without resources to defend myself. I also take care of 4 children, a wife and a mother. They are suffering with me greatly.

John F. Henderson, Sr.
0812447 Main 1I1
PO Box 4970
Orlando, FL 32802

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