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Rev. Pinkney Gets 3,496 Votes!
Justice Rally
Justice Rally, Benton Harbor
Rev. Pinkney received 3,496 votes in the election for U.S. Representative in Michigan’s 6th Congressional District! Given that he is in prison and unable to campaign, this is a tremendous victory. We have to remember why Rev. Pinkney is so significant to our struggle. Rev. Pinkney has been employing every means he can for the benefit of the working class, espcially those that have nothing. He is constantly putting his life on the line for the poor. Rev. Pinkney hasn’t committed any crime. The only crime that he could be charged with is the love of the working class. If you’re going to imprison him for that, then you better imprison all of us! While we are all excited and rejoice in the fact that Obama has won the Presidency, we hope that President-Elect Obama, and others, can understand that Rev. Pinkney needs to be set free. We also have to watch out for folks who are surrounding Obama such as the governor of Michigan who is playing a big role in keeping a noose around Rev. Pinkney’s neck, and we can’t forget that Whirlpool is still dominant.         — Marian Kramer

Prison Shakedown

On November 1, Correctional Officer R. Axley threw my clean clothes all over the floor with my dirty clothes. He took everything out of my locker including food and threw it on the floor. Correctional Officer R. Axley started to read my legal notes and legal briefs right in front of me. My position and my lawyer’s position is that the reading of my legal notes and legal briefs was arguably in violation of the First, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments. Under the First and Fourth Amendments you have a right to look through my papers for contraband but not to read them for content. I watched Correctional Officer R. Axley for over 30 minutes read all my legal notes and legal briefs. His belief that they contained improper content resulted in a violation of the Fourth as well as the First Amendment. I made notes before, during, and after my hearing before Judge Wiley specifically at the request and direction of my counsel. Those communications are privileged and reading them invades the Sixth Amendment’s attorney-client privilege and right to counsel. The Department of Correction’s action was racially motivated. Correctional Officer R. Axley’s action was designed to intimidate, harass me and to put fear in my heart. The humiliating, degrading, mistreatment, oppression, and discrimination by the Michigan Department of Corrections led by Governor Jennifer Granholm, Director Patricia Caruso, and Ojibway Correctional Facility Warden Michael Curley must stop. The public must get involved. My life is at stake. If the public does not start calling, Correctional Officer R. Axley may start planting drugs and knives in my control area with the Department of Corrections blessing. You must call to save me! — Rev. Edward Pinkney

CALL Patricia Caruso, Michigan Department of Corrections, 206 E. Michigan Ave., Grandview Plaza. PO Box 30003 Lansing, MI 48909 517-335-1426.

WRITE REV. PINKNEY at: Rev. Edward Pinkney #294671-G46, Ojibway Correctional Facility, N5705 Ojibway Rd., Marenisco, MI 49947-9771.

Benton Harbor Struggle

The struggle continues in Benton Harbor. There is still the ongoing fight in local and city government because of what they want to do. The force behind it is the Whirlpool Corporation, the Cornerstone Alliance and Fred Upton, the Congressman in this area. After the uprising, Gov. Granholm brought in “fact finding” organizations. The churches didn’t get involved until government started throwing money at them. One of the pastors, Rev. Adeberry, is now on the Parole Board for the state, and I hear he is making $85,000. So it was just a political ploy to get people calmed down. They bought off a lot of people. When you start saying things about it, you’re the trouble maker. But people that live in the city are not benefiting when their houses are still dilapidated and the city doesn’t apply for block grants to help seniors and younger kids that want to come back to the city and can’t find affordable housing. In certain sections of the city, houses are $100,000. People are tired of the same old thing happening in city government that happens around the country. Local officals would rather argue in commission meetings than get things done. They want to reduce meeting times to twice a month from once a week; they don’t want citizens to come and voice their opinions The next step is to clean house, get a whole new city team that looks out for people instead of themselves. People are looking for something different. Change is in the air.   — Carl Brown

Voting And The Recall Elections

We broke the record with the voter turnout. A lot of people decided that they were going to vote for the first time. They wanted to embrace this moment of change not just for the president, but for their community. People want their city government to step up and support the people here and make things better for us. They want change. I talked on the radio today about our losing the recall election of Commissioner Rahim Abdullah. We recalled him for voting yes on the Harbor Shores development after promising his ward that, if elected, he would not vote yes. The point was that the people that were supposed to represent us did not. Now, after the election of Obama for President, we have a new outlook. We are not going to tolerate people who say they represent us and we know otherwise. We will go after them and fight to get them out of those seats if they are not doing what they promise us. Now we realize our power and will exercise our right to vote. We’re not going to give up. First we are going to challenge him to resign. We are fighters. We’re still fighting.   — Belinda Brown

free PinkneyCorporate Power And The Elections

Once again corporate power ruled in the 6th District of Berrien County. Fred Upton, Mr. Whirlpool, is reelected to serve another two-year term. He is a man out of touch with reality as he has been in support of Bush and Cheney.

Rev. Pinkney and I express our sincere gratitude for your vote. Your votes for justice, human rights and freedom of speech were heard. The campaign for the U.S. house seat was very successful considering my husband wasn’t able to campaign or debate Fred Upton. The struggle continues for justice and human rights. Where there is unity there is victory. We must continue to fight for all. — Dorothy Pinkney


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