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What can we learn from the 2012 presidential election that will help the people wage their struggles for jobs, housing, health care, the environment, respect for the human rights of immigrants and .... (read)

When Presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Barak Obama, of the two capitalist parties, talked about standing up for the 'middle class', what were they saying, and what are they not saying? .... (read)

What’s one consistent thread through my 150,000 miles of mostly backroads travel? My astonishment at how devastated our country has become.  I’ve traveled some of the same paths, and can’t help .... (read)

You can’t make this nonsense up!Technology has an ever-tightening death-grip on workers around the world, eliminating families from employment, replaced forever by machines.Instead of using .... (read)

In 2011, hundreds of homeless advocates and concerned citizens came out to demand that the DC Council find the money to fill the $20.5 million budget shortfall in the Fiscal Year 2012 .... (read)

Those of us who have to work for a living find it difficult to understand the big finance of Wall Street. We do understand when they have "bear markets", downturns or depressions .... (read)

The Green Party received something in the order of ½ million votes, maybe more. Every vote is an enormous victory on a very steeply tilted playing field .... (read)

Although it did not win the election, the 2012 Green Party presidential campaign was still a signal victory for the American people. The Jill Stein—Cheri Honkala campaign put out and popularized .... (read)

On August 24, 2012, Occupy San Fernando held a “foreclosure BBQ” at the home of Ulises Hernandez, 21, at 14620 Leadwell Street.  That night marked the last moments before the final five-day .... (read)

"When the Constitution was written, a strange formula to determine taxes and representation declared that the Negro was sixty percent of a person. Today another curious formula seems to declare that .... (read)

Until February 2012, it seemed that no one in the Coachella Valley had heard of the CPV Sentinel natural gas-/fossil fuel-burning, 800-megawatt Power Plant under construction four miles from .... (read)

Most economists and futurists indicate that the economy is only going to get worse. In spite of the pontifications of apologists for both the Obama and Romney campaigns, things continue to .... (read)

When two poets in a small California town can spark a weekend of 800 coordinated events in 115 different countries, you know there’s a movement under way .... (read)

Brian Claunch was a troubled double amputee with mental health issues, (HPD has a policy that calls for inclusion of a trained officer with knowledge in dealing with mentally challenged individuals) .... (read)

Attending two very different events on the same day provides striking similarities and contrasts: Hofstra University students and faculty re-enacted scenes from historic labor struggles one day .... (read)

Just two months ago, on the 6th of August of this year, we lost our compañero in struggle, Ricardo Campos Orta. The loss of Ricardo is also a moment to recall the benefit that his life meant for .... (read)

Some of our least heralded, unrecognized and most valiant combat veterans are Native American. Native American Heritage Month is in November and continues to receive less coverage than other .... (read)

Adam Shapiro, friend and comrade, died in his sleep of natural causes in September. Adam was a programmer on WRFG 89.3 FM and was host of the show “Current Events.” Despite his blindness, he was active .... (read)

COGIC Village, a low-income apartment complex in Benton Harbor, Michigan is driving more and more residents out of the community into homelessness--or out of the town altogether. In addition .... (read)

In a victory for democracy and against corporate power, Michigan’s Public Act 4, the “dictator” law, was voted out onNovember6bya52to48 percent margin. The coalition, Stand up for Democracy .... (read)

Do these “We the People”
Of these United States in the Americas
That electing war mongers .... (read)

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