Positive news from Benton Harbor



Benton Harbor is the first municipality where Emergency Manager powers have been used to strip power from all of its elected officials.


A city income tax will help restore the city of Benton Harbor. A  Michigan-based research group, citizens research council of Michigan, says city income tax appears to work best in smaller cities like Benton Harbor. The income tax works extremely well for cities with a population between 2-11,000. A new income tax will provide an infusion of a lot of corporate revenue to support our city.

Marcus Muhammad, an outspoken City Commissioner and Committee Chairman, spoke during a meeting of the City Commission’s Legislative Committee, which endorses the tax plan. Muhammad said the committee set the tax rate on corporations and residents at 1% and on non-residents who work in the city at 0.5%.

Muhammad also said several businesses that receive tax breaks would now have to pay the city income tax, because there are no loopholes. Those businesses include Whirlpool, Atlantic Automotive and many others companies who do not pay taxes. He said the city income tax would also include money from the television revenue generated from the senior PGA tournaments, which are schedule for 2014, 2016, and 2018.

Also, the president of Whirlpool, Jeff Fettig, who makes over $15,000,000 a year, would have to pay one per cent of his income. Harbor Shores, Senior PGA players, including the television personnel, each and every one of these wealthy individuals who draw a check, will have to pay.

With a 6 yes, 2 no and 1 abstaining, the City Commissioners adopted an ordinance approving the tax to be placed on the ballot. Come November the citizens of Benton Harbor will vote on whether or not they want to enact the city income tax. The campaign for the passage begins now.

I am supporting the income tax to take back our city and restoring it. I am backing this legislation because it is high time that the corporations and wealthy pay at least some of their fair share.

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