How Can We Live Free?

From the moment you are born till the moment you die…
The meter is ticking and you must pay to survive.
The medicine man is no longer free,
Hope you have enough to pay for his fee.
Need a roof over your head?
The price this room doesn’t come cheap.
Food for your child?
No chance of finding it in the wild.
This land has been claimed,
Show me the permit to hunt for that game!
Try picking some food off a tree,
Gets you a ticket quick as one two three.
You’re tired, you say? Here, take a seat!
Oh wait, rest for a minute and you might get beat.
It’s a crime to sit down, a crime to sleep.
It’s a crime to be poor and to be in the street.
How can we live, how can we be free,
When they’ve taken from us all that we need?
Sharing the pie is not so hard,
But they have stolen the biggest parts!
Leaving the rest of us to fight for the crumbs,
Slaving away makes us so numb…

~Julianna Cheng

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