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A comment on, “Maine wants homeless people to go away,” by Diane Nilan
“During the Great Depression my grandmother, the poorest of the poorest of poor, still fed the homeless from her back door. We only had a Great Recession, I’m afraid to say that I am ashamed of the US.”  — Catherine M. J. Evans

A comment on “Unsolved murders, Karrington Penny, and corporate power” by Rev. Edward Pinkney
“It sounds to me like Benton Harbor’s leadership needs to be replaced with one that has respect, empathy, and genuine concern for all of its constituents. The current leadership along with its corrupt actors is begging to be replaced.” — Kenneth Yarbrough

A comment on, “Public Education” by Detra Aikens
“Public education is, indeed, in crisis. What happens outside of school has such a profound impact on what happens in school. And unfortunately, it is very likely that the majority of Chicago Public School students come from a home that is defined as “unstable” rather than stable. Why not shift curriculum to make it more relevant to the children that attend these schools. And I don’t mean making it easier, but children can learn better when they can relate to what is being taught. Also, it’s tragic that our society is complacent with statistics such as 18% of students are homeless or living in shelters. This statistic is truly appalling!” — Kristi

A comment on “Tar Sand Oil Transported to Gulf Coast Via Mobile, Alabama” by Kimberly McCuiston
“Why is it always that the poor will suffer the rich getting richer?” —  Kathryn Wolfe

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