Judges rule evidence is not needed to bring activist to trial

Rev. Pinkney and others protest Gov Rick Snyder and Public Act 4, Michigan’s dictatorial emergency manager law that gave absolute power over all aspects of city government to appointed managers. PHOTO/BRETT JELINEK

Rev. Pinkney and others protest Gov Rick Snyder and Public Act 4, Michigan’s dictatorial emergency manager law that gave absolute power over all aspects of city government to appointed managers.

BENTON HARBOR, MI — The good ol’ boy club in Berrien County, MI Courthouse, is usually male, white, of European descent, and lives in St Joseph, Michigan.  Judge Charlie LaSata, Judge Sterling Schrock and Prosecutor Mike Sepic, led by the Whirlpool Corporation, are all working together against me and the community.  The community must take a stand.

I am charged with five counts of vote fraud in a community effort to recall Benton Harbor Mayor James Hightower, a puppet for the Whirlpool Corporation, which controls Benton Harbor.

With absolutely no evidence, I was bound over for trial. Judge Sterling Schrock and Judge Charlie LaSata both stated that you do not need evidence in Berrien County. In addition, the judges are trying to rush the trial, hoping my attorney will not be ready for trial.

Mark Goff, a forensic document examiner with the Michigan State Police, testified at the hearing held to determine if there was enough evidence to bring me to trial. His testimony was limited to his opinion that the dates next to the signature on some of the recall petitions had been changed. He testified that the changes were made with ink other than the ink that was used to write the original dates next to the signatures. However, he testified that he could not determine who made the changes, or when they were made. His testimony essentially provided a basis to find probable cause that someone changed the dates, but provided no evidence regarding who did it or when it was done.

There is absolutely no evidence that the five petitions alleged to have altered dates were exclusively in my possession.  The state’s handwriting expert could not say who altered the petition. There is no evidence that I was the only person who had access to or who had an opportunity to change the petitions. There are no admissions or confessions. There are no witnesses to any alterations.

Every person who signed the petition stated they had signed the petition on the date that is on the petition. If the dates were altered, they were altered by the person who signed the petition. There was no crime committed.

This case illustrates the rise of a fascist government in Michigan. In Berrien County it is led by the blood sucking Whirlpool Corporation and its local puppets: Judge Sterling Schrock, Judge Charlie LaSata, Prosecutor Mike Sepic, County Clerk Sharon Tyler, and Benton Harbor Mayor James Hightower.

This is not a thing of Blacks against whites. It is rich against poor, the haves against the have-nots. Corporate fascism is here now. We must stand together and fight this police State. Together we stand. Divided we fall.

Funds are urgently needed to fight this attack. Donate to the Pinkney defense at bhbanco.org

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One thought on “ Judges rule evidence is not needed to bring activist to trial

  1. Justice is for sale from Maine to California The poor are denied Justice. There are tricks states use to wipe out providing true Justice. And more time then not its is the favor of the parties or people who have been more wealthy.

    In the state of Maine, Lawmakers decided its States Court has more power than the federal courts of USA. The federal courts can try a case dealing with someone no longer leaving within its borders, or in the German case, dealing with someone never living within them.

    The long armed jurisdiction of federal courts has requirement set-forth which must be proved, before someone in Maine can sue, someone else in another state, in Federal Court.

    In State court their reach is boundless. In Maine, their long-armed statute is merely ” minimum contact. ” This is beyond our milky-way of justice. It is outside of due process clause, of the US Constitution #14 Amendment. And the Highest Court send you on a Catch 22 before “Hearing the case” than you are too late to be be heard. I have filed an action with the the Dept. of Justice in Washington DC. Do I expect freedom to ring- NO.

    A woman bringing suit against a wealthy women in CA., was Kicked out of court because she could not afford an attorney and she was starting a business. This tells those who can afford a lawyer they will win. The case did not get printed. In my book to hide the wrong of the court.

    We are only as free as the courts protects are rights. And if our State courts do NOT protect our rights, we are SLAVES. Do the press invoke there freedom to report upon the Court injustices, No they protect the government, at most turns.

    Newspapers like the Peoples Tribune protect, the rights of the poor. But being a monthly it can only print so many stories a month. When there is no enough question of authority, you have the police executing our youth in the streets. The lost of rights leading up to ultimate loss, of rights are not told by the mainstream media, and often, not by many of the alternative media.

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