Voices from Benton Harbor

The People’s Tribune interviewed people from Benton Harbor, MI about the continued struggle for justice.

“They dismissed the latest mayoral recall because the mayor can’t be recalled in his last term. The recall effort was because the city is operating illegally without a civil service board. If no action is taken, I will ask the prosecutor to investigate. Even though recall petitions can’t be filed against the mayor, he is not free of any prosecution investigation.” — Denny Brown

“County Commissioner Bob Wooley could get 20 years for embezzlement from the county. They didn’t want us BANCO members to demonstrate so they kept his court hearing private. They don’t even put him in the paper like they did Rev. Pinkney. They don’t deal fairly. They should push his sentence to the max. If not, then release Rev. Pinkney.— Emma Kinnard

“The incarceration of Rev. Pinkney, found guilty with no evidence, brings awareness of the modern day Jim Crow in Berrien County: the black robes of injustice, uniforms of deception, and an all white jury representing something other than the truth. The revolution for justice has increased world-wide.” — Dorothy Pinkney

“Boycott Whirlpool. Boycott Whirlpool. Boycott Whirlpool.”  — Rev. Pinkney

Send donations to Rev. Pinkney’s legal defense to: BANCO, 1940 Union Avenue, Benton Harbor, Michigan  49022. Or go to bhbanco.org to donate via paypal.

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