Free Rev. Edward Pinkney!

As a result of ongoing efforts to promote awareness of the struggle of Rev. Edward Pinkney and that of the people in Benton Harbor, Michigan, and elsewhere, the Central Coordinating Committee (CCC) for the Freeing Of Rev. Edward Pinkney, has been formed. The CCC is has an official presence on the Internet, via a web site at and will soon have a Facebook page, wherein persons can learn about the struggle of Rev. Pinkney and the various specific ways that they can assist in this struggle, etc. Please continue to get regular updates on Rev. Edward Pinkney and the concomitant struggle thereto, at

The Mission Statement of the CCC is shown below:

The mission of the Central Coordinating Committee (CCC) is to coordinate. engage in, and encourage broad based national and international efforts to publicize, organize and disseminate information pertaining to the wrongful conviction and imprisonment of Benton Harbor, Michigan, political activist Rev. Edward Pinkney. Further, in line with coordinating efforts to “Free Rev. Edward Pinkney,” it is the mission of the CCC to provide for his legal support by seeking donations.

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