Vet freezes while utility company profits

What kind of society allows a human being to freeze to death because they cannot pay a gas bill? John Skelley, 69 —a Vietnam veteran — suffered a horrible and unnecessary death. He froze to death in his Michigan home after the utility company cut off his heat. His death was caused by capitalism, a system where the socially necessary means of life —water, energy, food, healthcare, etc.—are privately owned by billionaire corporations. The billionaires, part of America’s ruling class, care only about their profits, and nothing about the lives of “Our Vets”, or any other discarded worker they no longer need.

What happened to John Skelley could happen to any of us. Jobs are now low wage or automated. How are people to survive? We, the people, must begin asking: Is it right that anyone should privately own the resources that people need to survive? Isn’t the only solution to build a movement that demands that water, energy, food, and other necessities become public not private property? This is a step toward creating a new society where the people have the power to insure that everyone has their necessities and where each person can lead a happy, healthy, life.

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