Voices from Benton Harbor, MI

Benton Harbor residents express their outrage. PHOTO/BOB LEE, PEOPLE’S TRIBUNE

Benton Harbor residents express their outrage.


The quotes below from Benton Harbor residents, and those in previous editions of the People’s Tribune, show that despite the government’s attempt to make it appear that Rev. Edward Pinkney was the sole voice for change in Benton Habor, there is a movement growing in the town. Many of the participants are deeply concerned about the railroading of Rev. Pinkney for his political activities, but they continue to fight for him and for their city. — The People’s Tribune

“I was subpoenaed by the Prosecutor, but I flipped the script on them and I defended Rev. Pinkney. In early February, I took part in a march organized by Andrews University with 300 people from City Hall in Benton Harbor to the Court House in St. Joseph with signs saying, ‘Rev. Pinkney stood for us now we must stand for him,’ and ‘No Justice No Peace.’ The higher the mountain, the tougher the climb. We got to keep climbing.” — George Moon, Benton Harbor

“There’s a lot of police officers doing a lot of corrupted things. The people see it and they’re quiet.  Rev. Pinkney was our voice. We could tell him and he would do something about it. That’s why he has so many supporters. I am a supporter. I believe in God and in what’s right. I hope that people can open their eyes. We need to stand for people and fight for righteousness.” — Kerry Krause, Benton Harbor

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