Homeless pregnant Mom killed by police

Jeanetta Riley with her three daughters, Dayna, top, Dolly, left, and Hannah, right. PHOTO/ RILEY FAMILY, FACEBOOK

Jeanetta Riley with her three daughters, Dayna, top, Dolly, left, and Hannah, right.


Jeanetta Riley, a pregnant homeless mother of three who suffered from emotional difficulties, was killed by police as she waved a knife outside a hospital in Sandpoint, Idaho. Seconds after their arrival, two police officers opened fire. Police say she refused their commands. Her death was ruled justifiable. Jeanetta’s family has not, so far, received even an apology. This case shows that no one is immune from police violence today. Is this the kind of society we want?

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3 thoughts on “Homeless pregnant Mom killed by police

  1. surely there was a way that the police could have handled this without killing this lady way to go to the cop that shot her you must be real proud of yourself

  2. I knew Jeanetta, she was my bunkie long ago, she had a good heart and did not deserve to go out like this. I pray that her family still get the justice they deserve. Shortly after Jeanetta was shot down by Sandpoint police, a dog in Couer d’Alene was also shot by police. The dogs owner has received $80,000 in compensation, while Jeanetta’s family has yet to receive so much as an apology. What a wild and unjust world we live in.

  3. I am a long-time Sandpoint resident in shock about this very distressing story about Jeanetta Riley. I have managed to miss it through any local stories or the (apparently ?) only local newspaper article which covered it. I am a single woman senior citizen who does not watch TV and I live alone. The especially disturbing part of the above story for all of us, is that it has come to my attention via another single woman in her mid to late 50’s (or perhaps older) who has lived in Sandpoint, ID for 40 years, and is well-known as a local artist. I have also been a Sandpoint resident for 40 years and I actually knew this woman from past connections, many years ago.
    While it is fortunate that this woman is still alive, it is extremely tragic and unacceptable that she has been attacked, violated, and severely damaged, both physically and emotionally, by local police, and has since discovered some very serious corruption in the innermost fabric of our local government officials on both County and City levels (Bonner County & the City of Sandpoint). One person who has severely emotionally damaged this woman is our Bonner County Treasurer, Heather Scott, who is correctly known by all too few of us as a racist supremacist who should not be in public office and supported @ a very high level by the people of our town. There are many other high level local government employees whose integrity is similarly compromised, and who are equally unsuited for public office.

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