Attack on immigrants aims to cultivate a fascist movement

Immigrant leaders and children protest raids and deportations. PHOTO/TED QUANT

Immigrant leaders and children protest raids and deportations.

The billionaire Donald Trump, and his racist rants against the immigrant worker are just the tip of the iceberg. Trump is trying to tap into and stir up a rising fascist movement in America. This fascist movement is poised to attack the poorest workers of every color and nationality in an effort to divide and conquer the struggle for a democratic, cooperative America where everyone’s needs are met. We have to ask, why now?

In America today, 80% of the population face near poverty. Underlying this poverty is an economy based on the steady introduction by the owning class of labor replacing robots and computers into the workplace. The end result for a growing numbers of workers is poverty wage, dead end jobs, and complete destitution. This same process is occurring throughout the globe and is forcing the migration of workers worldwide.

In a previous period, when the capitalist market was expanding, US borders were opened to immigrants. The capitalists needed an expanding workforce to keep industrial production going. Today, robots and computers are producing an abundance of necessaries of life, but with very few workers.

Capitalism, as a system of buying and selling of human labor power, is coming to an end. What kind of society will replace it? Will it be a fascist society where a handful of billionaires wallow in splendor while impoverished workers starve in the streets? Or will it be a new cooperative society where the abundance the robots are producing is distributed to all based on need. In such a society every human being would be free to contribute his or her talents and skills to the creation of a better world. A movement for such a world can be successful today.

To stop this movement, the rulers are forced to implement a corporate fascist dictatorship. There isn’t any other way to control millions of workers who are hungry, homeless, without water, healthcare or utilities, and who are beginning to demand their necessaries of life whether they can pay or not.

Thus we see that a militarized police state in the service of the corporations is on the rise. A fascist movement, that billionaires like Donald Trump are cultivating and striving to emerge as the leaders of, is the next step for the billionaire ruling class. History shows that as fascist movements grow, they attract rich and poor, and those in every corner of the government, including the military. Such a movement in America will thrive on the poverty, confusion and cultivated color hatred of a section of workers.

Revolutionaries must go on the offensive. They must show that every attack on any worker, whether they be immigrant, homeless, young or old, Black, white, brown or red, is an attack on the entire working class. In this way, revolutionaries can gather together all who can be united around their common economic interests and a vision of a new cooperative society. This is the path to a new future. Time is of the essence.

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One thought on “Attack on immigrants aims to cultivate a fascist movement

  1. Donald Trump
    Can I sue Donald Trump for defamation of character?
    See Donald Trump is not a corner bum yelling obscenities, He is a well educated man, a man of business, a man who knows what he is doing, he did not get his 9 billion dollars he claims he has just by finding then in a crack on the pavement, to obtain that kind of money he would have to be an intelligent, self aware man. As a business man he knows to research and investigate before acting. All the claims he made about me, he must have proof of every single declaration made about me
    My name is Francisco Reyes and my parents brought me to the United States from Mexico and until 6/17/15 I was a proud father of two children. My wife and I have taught our two kids to be honest, have good work ethics and integrity, we both are proud of our children’s degrees from prestigious universities. My way of thinking is that best way to teach my children is by example, it was estimated that I worked 20 plus years possible thirty without missing a day of work, and did I ever get sick? Yes I did. I carried pills to work to reduce my fever and aches when my body hurts. The doctors gave some patches to put behind my ears so I can continue working when I got some dizziness. My wife’s’ history is not much different. Now this prestigious man, possibly the future president of the United States, is telling my kids that I’m a criminal and a rapist in Mexico and that is the only reason I’m here, that Mexico send me here I was expelled from Mexico because of my criminal activity.
    In my way of thinking people need to be held accountable. Donald Trump needs to be held accountable. Promoting hate to gain the presidency of the Unites States, at the expanse of good people loosing their lives should not be tolerated,
    I need to be able to see my kids in the eye again with out the shadow of doubt that i am not a rapist or a criminal. We can not both be right, either Donald Trump is a liar or I’m a liar. If he found criminals and rapist then he must have names and we need to know them.
    Again this is serious thing, people are dying. Either he gives names and clear mine or pay for his actions for destroying my character and defamation of my honor.
    Enough, Donald Trump is not a late night comedian, he is aiming for the Presidency of the Unite States, people believe what he says there is no room for joking.
    Any body, Can I sue Donald Trump to clear my name? I know nothing about the law.

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