Divided we fall


The attack on immigrants in America is relentless, as the articles in this issue of the paper illustrate. We must draw a line now. It is not possible—and our rulers are well aware—to have a democratic society when any sector of the working class is denied their humanity and isolated from the rest. And, that’s the point. Capitalism is a dying system. With its permanent displacement of more and more workers of every color and nationality by automation, the rulers need a dictatorship to contain the inevitable struggle for food, shelter, healthcare and a decent life. That’s why they must divide us.

We must unify and fight for a new society where the people, not a small billionaire class, with their lackies in the Democratic and Republican parties, run society. As a first step toward that vision, we must embrace the immigrant worker as an essential part of the working class. In Europe, the people are defying their governments and coming out to support the refugees. Let’s attack the rulers’ strategy by uniting our class.

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