The elections and a vision of a new America

The Fight for 15 Movement protested outside of the Democratic Debate in Flint, MI in March. PHOTO/ADRIAN GARCIA

The Fight for 15 Movement protested outside of the Democratic Debate in Flint, MI in March.


As the election season unfolds, economists are projecting that an even deeper downturn in the economy is underway. Already half of all Americans have less than $1,000 to their name, and nearly a quarter of them less than $100. Fifteen thousand people become homeless every month in Los Angeles, a city with 22 billionaires and more millionaires than anywhere in the country. Millions are without healthcare. Government austerity policies are transferring whatever wealth remains to the rich. Something has to give.

This election is important. But the reality is that regardless of who gets elected, the fascism that is developing in the country, based on the merging of interests of the corporations and the government and the continual slashes in living standards, is not going away without a fight. Fascism and a police state to control the struggle of the people for their survival is the rulers’ only option. The jobs are vanishing and they’re not coming back. The robot is taking them over. No politician can solve this.

The only way to guarantee our needs is to make the giant conglomerates that produce thenecessities of life public property. Then we could distribute the food, housing, healthcare andevery other necessity to all according to need. This is socialism.

The elections, particularly the Sanders campaign, offer an opportunity to share this vision with the millions who are seeking answers. By doing so, we can begin to unite all who can be united in the struggle for a world of sharing and cooperation.

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