Elections 2016: The people demand a humane society

The entirety of the Garfield Bulldog football team - coaches and players - take a knee during the National Anthem Friday at the Southwest Athletic Complex. Visiting Garfield played West Seattle in WIAA Football Friday, September 16, 2016, at the Southwest Athletic Complex. To Sandra Reid, People’s Tribune magazine. Special to for one-time, non-exclusive use People’s Tribune magazine. Permission is for editorial usage only and is not to be used for advertising purposes. Digital manipulation, outside normal cropping and color correction, is prohibited. Use of text dropped in over the photo is prohibited. If you wish to use this photo in derivative works, ancillaries, other formats and media, please contact us with details of your proposed reuse. We grant licenses on a per use basis. Mandatory credit to Dean Rutz / The Seattle Times.

The Garfield Bulldogs, a Seattle high school football team, unites for justice and against killings by the police, joining athletes across the country who are kneeling in protest. PHOTO/DEAN RUTZ, THE SEATTLE TIMES

America, indeed the entire world, is in crisis. Since World War II, developments in technology have revolutionized how we produce the necessities of life. Electronic production is rapidly eliminating human labor in all sectors of the economy. This fundamental change in the economy is causing a political crisis. How will the ruling class control us when our labor is no longer needed?

Ninety-five million of us in the U.S., and millions world wide, find ourselves driven out of the labor market, working part-time for minimum-wage or below, or as contingent labor. The burning question for us, the workers, is how do we eat, secure housing, get an education, health care and even the most basic of human needs, water, if we have no money to buy it? In response, many of us are turning to the electoral arena asking where is the party that will address our needs and guarantee our future and the future of our children? Our very survival is at stake.

As labor-less production accelerates, the market for commodities shrinks. Jobs disappear as capitalists compete to corner the market by employing even more robots and computers to cut costs and increase profits. The result is deepening misery for us in the midst of an abundance of the necessities of life. We are at a fork in the road.

The corporations need the government to protect their interests. They are doing this by privatizing public goods and services, transferring social welfare to corporate welfare. You only need look to Michigan where elected local officials are replaced by Emergency Manager dictatorships, corporate sponsored legislation, which allows FOR the transfer of our public resources like water and public schools to private corporations.

The worsening conditions, however, are causing “we, the people” to unite around our common interests for survival. Whether it be for water as a human right, in defense of democracy, against the rampant police killings, against voter disenfranchisement, or draconian anti-homeless laws, we, the people, are showing our humanity and demanding a humane society and government that intervenes on our behalf to make that happen. We are breaking with the two corporate parties and beginning to set an independent course by putting forward our demand that everyone has a right to a fulfilling life, free of police terror. We are utilizing the electoral process to raise our demands.   (continued below)


The American people are utilizing the elections to put forth their demands for a government that represents the people. PHOTO/DAYMONJHARTLEY.COM

The American people are utilizing the elections to put forth their demands for a government that represents the people.


It is crucial now to build on the unity developing around our common needs. Throughout the country, concerned people are joining third parties, raising demands within the traditional parties or forming groups to discuss the next step. Wherever we are, we must put forth a program demanding that government use the social wealth we have created over generations to secure the future for us and our future generations. We must call for the government to take over and run in OUR interests the corporations that “we, the people,” need to satisfy our human needs. We must reject the ruling class “solution” of fascism and war for us while they continue to live with privilege at our expense. This is the first step in creating a just and peaceful society where our children and theirs can survive and thrive in peace.


Quotes from presidential debate parties and others:

“I don’t know what either one of them will do for medical care, which affects many of us, especially single parents.”

“My concern is that the poor will get worse because of lowering the taxes on the wealthy. Another concern is inclusion for all—Black, white, gay, straight, all cultures, religions, and ethnicities. No war. No war. ”

“My main concern is wealth inequality—it is getting worse.”

“The question is, what will be your gift that ultimately defines your life span on this planet? Think big because money can be lost, but a loving impact never goes away—it just multiplies. How far will your gift reach? To my mind, these are the only wealth questions worth putting our limited time into,” says Cherri Foytlin, a South Louisiana mom and water protector

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