We need a vision of a new society to move forward


The question before us is: what kind of new society will replace this dying system? Will it be a police state that suppresses our struggle for survival and protects the property and wealth of the corporate class? Or will it be a cooperative society where the means of producing the abundance of food, healthcare, housing, water—and everything else that we need to survive—is owned by society, not by the corporations?

An era of revolution is upon us. Revolution in society is triggered by revolution in the economy. Today, labor-replacing technology, robots and computers, is permanently eliminating jobs and in the process of bringing capitalism to an end. How will we, the people, survive without jobs and money to buy what we need? The poisoned city of Flint, MI, shows what the corporate-government offers those whose labor is no longer needed: Nothing. People are left on their own, to live or die.

Now, more than ever, the growing movement for a democratic, peaceful, humane society based on equality for all needs a core of revolutionaries—leaders who devote their lives to uniting all who can be united around a vision of a new cooperative society. In such a society everyone’s needs will be met and everyone will have the opportunity to contribute their talents and skills for the betterment of humanity.

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One thought on “We need a vision of a new society to move forward

  1. I don’t worry for corporate America. They will go on doing exactly what they do, raping America. And they will continue to have their supporters and workers whose knowledge and vision is only set on what trades on the world markets. They have no real interest in the future of this country. That’s fine. We need them actually. To stay out of our way for the most part. Occasionally we will use their services by buying their cars and using their roads which will be toll roads and other things that they will control because they have most of the money. What I worry about is the real America. The people of this country that we used to call the back bone. We need to put our legislators to the task of using the ever weakening regulatory systems to our own benefit. We need to loosen local building codes and find ways in which we can get around regulations that currently keep small village type communal clusters from appearing on the scene. We need to dilute the power bases that keep people from helping themselves. And so the future looks like two worlds. And at this point, it’s already there. The problem is that refusing to see it is what is keeping people from moving forward. Smaller communities can focus in on what they will be great at and attract the people who specialize in those skills. A robust micro economy will restore this country and make a lot of people who were once failing to thrive feel like Americans again.

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