Global anti-poverty and pro-humanity activists present to the Vatican


DETROIT, MI — Visionaries and organizers worldwide met at the invitation of the Vatican to review, then offer proposals that addressed issues such as poverty and lack of clean water that harm working people everywhere. This small handful worked to develop concepts, which were presented to His Holiness, Pope Frances.  He stands in lock step with those who decry the unholy manner in which the poor are treated worldwide.  It was he who asked the question, “How is it that when the rich declare bankruptcy, millions of dollars show-up to help, yet when a regular person makes the same claim, two pennies can’t be found to help.”

These few civil-society organizers were challenged to speak-up, to point out, and to suggest outcomes that require systemic change.

Pope Frances is a vessel of peace, a chalice of courage, and a man for all seasons.

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