No more walls along the border!




There is an old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is a photo of the “wall” at the US-Mexican border, where family members on the US side speak through a mesh fence with their loved ones on the Mexican side. They can only touch with their fingertips. This image shows just how inhumane the wall is.

President-elect Donald Trump promises to “secure” the entire border by adding to the existing wall. His reasoning is that the immigrant workers are coming here illegally to take the jobs of American workers. We have to ask why this lie is coming to the fore so vehemently now.

The truth is, the immigrant workers are not taking the jobs. It’s the robots and computers.  It is more profitable for the capitalists to produce with a robot than with a human. Robotic production is therefore the wave of the future.  And neither presidential candidate can do anything about this, even if they wanted to. The law of capitalism is the drive for maximum profit. So the problem is systemic. Capitalism and its billionaire ruling class, Donald included, is the problem, the real enemy. Capitalism is antiquated. It’s dying.  It must go.

The reason we are hearing this racist, divisive fascist propaganda now is because, at all cost, they must keep us from seeing our common poverty—and who our real enemy is. They must keep us from uniting as a class that can only survive by selling its ability to work. Now that the jobs are going, we are in a fight for our survival.  We must join together. Together we can create a new world where the robots work for us, and where everyone’s needs are met. All for one and one for all. No more walls!

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