” Infected Souls”


For plenty of years we’ve been oppressed, with drugs and violence
Day and night, all i seem to hear is sirens
Knocking on my drums as i walk and stomp the slums
Breathing the rhythm as i kick and rock the funk
As a youth, wicked fiends with mad loot
I recognized the struggles yet no disputes
Developed my skills to chastise and reach to the weak
Uplifting one another with knowledge
so  we can see and speak
On equations of the tyrants collecting the cream
Reason for product fiends causing death scenes
Blinded by his-story
Shook on Donald Trumps enterprise with Hillary
Transmuted to a cenobite a living dead deadite
Cleansing through mics, like a fuse lit on dynamites
Vicious parasite
Condemning on sight
I’m sick of seeing my folks living foul, trife
Another thug between a yellow file
Womb to tomb i had to dwell
In a 3.797 square feet of hell
Infected soul, out on a run
Against a wealthy dumbbell

Out on a Prison field thinking of life and death
12 years in the pen, living to try his best
Couldn’t relate cause a slave to the State
Wasn’t the plan for the ghetto mistake
As he wondered through a blizzard of a, cannibal figure
He stalled up, from the toxins in his liver
Ignorance on his shoulder day by day
Till his pops broke out and explained, the life of a slave
Expressing the love and pain he held within his dome
Impatient for the bell to buzz out to go home
Careless for the sheets received from the beast
Straight to the black book with a new piece
That’d be after the street light sun light would dim
If the curfew was set
He’d be hoping a fence
Skating through private property but never vandalized
Escaping through rhymes, graff and land cause the wrath blitz his mind
Closer to bail, locked up in fury hell
The only way out now a language choose or fail
Given a few to choose
English, French  Spanish
Slammed it, stamped his sheets
Onto a transit
Heading to a place as raw as Rikers Island
Unable to to piss or eat in peace
Cause the guards surrounded
Last days as a cellmate
Warden yelling lock it up
Body burning chopped up near the A gate
A Highschool experience
More like a prison sentence
Life of a youth after that
It was the same shit

Nothing has changed
It all remains the same
What can i can say
Similar living like the past
Just a different date
Upgraded tactics
Got my brothers eye lens fooled
Neuralized by the brute in red white and blue
Getting a rush out of lust for textbooks
Ganking to bank as my culture sits and rusts
The needy fighting greedy
Confiscated the true facts
Now believe that its i killing and pushing crack
Also adding looting to that
Polluting to that
Bayonet through my back
Living off disposed scraps
Says the savage
Cause i stay underground with the cluster
Moving stealth and smooth surviving all bunker busters
The future holds nothing
If we don’t rise up, unite and stand for something
As we start to sink
Through these heavy grains full of terror stains
Covered in dust of massive crumbled brains
Raw tenement
B Betty mine blew out my ligaments
Cause i interfered
Mad brawl
Like goats against a scum
The wicked, Charles Goodyear

Now trapped in the morgue
Graveyard shift on a slave ship
Stuck with the breath of death, carnage
Enigma, a paradigm
Run down by ill Sygma
Taxed and axed by Brinks
An o-vert stick up
How degrading
Renegades wanna pay me more, promoting just to grab a hold and enslave me
Havoc, propaganda real vital
Got an adolescent feeling quite suicidal
Taking blood baths in a hour glass
Breathing helium in a burnt Earth like, Elysium
Watched by an Overseer
Running packs of death, toxic Lethiom
Preaching like a Farrakhan
Sharing knowledge from the Krang or
The Necro-nomicon

Robots working labor
Good for me, but not if i got no food on my..table
With no water to drink, can i trust a sink
Oozed the pipeline, will it cause growth or shrink-age
I guess ill never know
Till I’m gone and tossed
On a  wooden rest bed, to crumble

— David Tojin

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