Trump’s cabinet picks show who he really represents

Trump says he’s for us workers. Really? Trump’s cabinet nominees so far are worth $13 billion, greater than the world’s 70 smallest countries.

The truth is, Trump is part of the American ruling class. The rulers use the power of government to reconstruct our society in a way that’s most profitable for them.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (worth $150 million), CEO of Exxon, will clear the way for the energy industry to be more profitable, as will Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, who thinks climate change is a hoax. Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin ($40 million), a former Goldman Sachs banker, will guarantee Wall Street prospers. Secretary of Education Betsy Devos ($5.1 billion) aims to privatize public education. Head of Housing Ben Carson, ($26 million) aims to end public housing. He doesn’t think government should help the poor. Then there is immigration hawk Jeff Sessions ($7 million), Attorney General, who said the Klan was OK. Tom Price ($8 million), Secretary of Health and Human Services, says government programs  like Medicare are detrimental to medicine.

The situation is dangerous. It’s fascism. The reality is that the rulers are trying desperately to save their power and property in a dying economic system. The new digital and robotic means of producing is destroying a system based on the buying and selling of our ability to work. Capitalism can stay alive only at the expense of us, the people.

This process has been underway under both Democratic and Republican administrations, and is now accelerating.

We the people are in a fight for the ecology, civilization and our very lives. We cannot win if we only fight against something. We must fight for something—a party that represents us, and a world of peace and prosperity made possible by putting the robots to work for us, not the billionaires.


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