Billionaires own most of world’s wealth: We’re fighting for a new society

Women’s March in Chicago in January, 2017.
Photo/Brett Jelinek


According to a recent study, 8 of the world’s richest individuals now own as much wealth as half of the rest of the human race. This polarization of society into extreme wealth and poverty, where the few live like kings while more and more of the world’s children starve, has been accelerating for the past few years. This is happening as a result of advancements being made in the technology that is eliminating jobs, which increases the ranks of the poor while creating abundance. What gives them the right to use this technology to make themselves so rich and the rest of us so poor? If we, the poor, the many, publicly owned that same technology, instead of they, the rich, the few, then we would certainly use it to build a cooperative society that would restore the human right to food, healthcare, water, education and shelter for us all.

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