Build Kindness Not Walls

The mass marches all over the US expressed an overwhelming sentiment that the American people will not allow themselves to be divided by hate, and will stand united by our common interests and humanity. This sentiment is forcing mayors in cities across the U.S. to declare their city a sanctuary space for immigrants. These cities will not comply with police in rounding up and deporting immigrants. The people are saying NO to division and NO to attempts to separate us into warring factions. We are one working class and we must defend one another in the face of a police state that will be aimed at us all. United we stand. Divided we fall.


As we go to print:

Muslim Ban: Another step toward fascism

In Germany in the 1930’s the Nazis united a large section of the German people around fascism by fomenting hatred of the Jews (and others.) Today we see our government following a similar path by attacking Muslims, immigrants and others. We should not let history repeat itself. If we allow sections of our population to be targeted like this, fascism will be imposed on all of us.

— The Editors— People’s Tribune

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