Save the Earth from the corporations

Women’s March in DC.
Photo/Adrian Garcia

In a single day, Trump green-lit the Dakota Access and Keystone XL Pipelines, which threatens the land and water for millions of people while making billions in profits for energy corporations, and put a freeze on Environmental Protection Agency spending which includes climate change research, water safety studies, and environmental disaster response and cleanup.

Even before the Trump presidency, our environment has been under attack by the corporations. In Standing Rock, we see that government is serving the oil corporations and banks, using militarized violence against water protectors who are protecting their drinking water and the water of millions downstream. In Flint, the corporations in unity with government stop at nothing to completely control and extract profits from everything public, poisoning the water of a whole city. The billionaires will destroy the planet and the people to preserve their wealth, profits, and power, even as the ecology and economy faces collapse.

Corporations are taking over America. The energy industry is being nationalized on behalf of the corporations: the government, which the energy industry controls, guarantees its profits by makes laws to allow the raping of the land. The whole of government, police, and military are part of the apparatus of control that they use to guarantee corporate control. The merging of corporations and government are the political and economic foundations of fascism.

We need a government that serves the people. We need government to take over the corporations and run them in the public interest. This is a fight for the fundamentals of all life: clean water, air, and earth. We must demand a government that will take over the corporations and guarantee they work for all of society, not the profits of the few.

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