Student poem

They try to fit us into the mold of the perfect student.
They try to create the leaders we already have in the new
generation. But don’t they see they aren’t working with the
generations now? We’re not the same.
They base things off of a number on a test that is clearly
objective. They put us into sections that has nothing
to do with the type of person we are. They try to create the
same people our parents are by enforcing the same rules.
The system is like a faulty pipe. They leak problems until it just
explodes causing everything to drown in debt and misled kids.
Yes this is saying that there are no such thing as
bad kids only kids that don’t know any better that legitimately
show that we aren’t the same.
The system – the education head – says one curriculum
for all students even the students that have learning
disabilities. But we aren’t the same.

Stephanie Johnson, 10th grade
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