Homeless movement speaks out!

Three individuals cited for illegal camping in Denver pled not guilty. Two are homeless and were seen in videos when the cops tore blankets off them in freezing weather to be used as evidence againstthem. They call this a prime example of the criminalization of the poor. One has a separate suit challenging constitutional issues in calling people’s property evidence.


The American people are morally outraged that in this vastly powerful and wealthy country people in the millions become and stay homeless, dying of neglect in the streets. The People’s Tribune has long been campaigning around homelessness and covering the homeless movement. We will continue to put special emphasis on stories by the leaders of the homeless movement themselves, and we will continue to indict a system based on profit as the cause of this senseless human catastrophe. We are calling on people active or concerned about this issue to write for the paper, send photos, and give their feedback. Call 800-691-6888 or email info@peoplestribune.org.


Stability first, says homeless leader


“You should not have to pay to live on this Earth”


Young and homeless in America


Interview with homeless man with frostbitten fingers and toes


Homeless die outside Sacramento City Hall


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