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The People’s Tribune received many comments on our January, 2017 edition entitled: Trump: Why He Can’t and Won’t Bring Jobs Back.” The cover showed robots replacing workers and posed a solution: that society (not corporations) should own these robots and distribute the abundance they produce to all. Here’s a few excerpts from some letters we received:

“Exactly, 4th generation robotics (that we are in) will be a big leap in job loss now hitting the lower income bracket. This will bring about major social upheavals as well as another economic crisis, not just in the US, but globally. Some countries are exploring the need for a basic income guarantee . . .” — Ymetca

“Companies say they will put robots in rather than pay higher wages. Well they will be doing that regardless. They just blame workers for wanting a living wage, so they can feel justified. Truth is robots are an employer’s dream worker. Robots do not need vacations. Robots do not require sick leave. Robots will work 24/7 (no lunch/bathroom breaks). Robots do not need any rights.” — A Reader

“The objective of human civilization is to eliminate work. Thus, advocating for jobs is a futile effort . . . most jobs are a pointless waste of time and resources . . . Fully a billion people on this planet are simply not needed to do anything in order for the global economy to “function”, and that number will only get larger. We should be fighting for a universal basic income, healthcare, food, clothing and housing for all. That requires a Global Direct Democracy and the elimination of the corporation, patents and intellectual property, the nation-state, and all hierarchical systems of human control designed specifically to funnel wealth to the top from the bottom. We must all become global citizens now. Nothing less will suffice.”

— Wayne

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  1. Robots cannot perform all jobs. When workers have no income, no housing…they become polarized. Polarization leads to revolution! ✊

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