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A supporter of the People’s Tribune who speaks to large audiences about the crisis in the country posted the following on their Facebook page, along with a photo of the paper and a subscription form, generating great interest in the paper:

“The People’s Tribune. Subscribe today. And if you have something you want to say send it to them. Check out their web page as well so you can see this paper is about ‘we the people.’ Join the real change in America.”

Subscriptions are $20 per year and help us guarantee the paper gets out to those in the movement for a new society. Our printing and mailing costs are about $3000 a month. This means we need 150 subscriptions a month. If every reader asks their friends to subscribe we will achieve this goal. We are an all-volunteer staff and receive NO grants. We rely on the support of our readers and distributors. To subscribe, go to and click on the DONATE TODAY link.

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