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SAN FRANCISCO, CA — In 2009, four members of the League of Revolutionaries for a New America in San Francisco, California, created the first Revolutionary Poets Brigade (RPB). Through engaged poetry, the RPB speaks out and informs the people of the vice inherent in the capitalist system.

Since then, more Brigades have formed under this mission, in the US and Europe. In the US: Los Angeles, Chicago, Albuquerque and New York. In Europe: Paris and Ivry, France; Palermo, Sicily; and in Italy: Rome, Bari, Avellino. In 2016, the inmates at Pesaro Penitentiary formed a Brigade after a poetry reading given there by one of the founding members of the RPB.

Today, the RPB writes, rises and speaks out against the alarming threats of the fascist Trump administration. Through socially and politically engaged poetry, the RPB network leads with strength and inspires motivated community interest that will overthrow oppressors in all guises.

At this time, most especially, the formation of new Brigades of poets is heartily encouraged! In the US and abroad, in communities of poets in small towns, big cities and everywhere in between. Please go to the RPB website at http://revolutionarypoetsbrigade.org for more information including the Mission Statement under the “About RPB” button.  Contact the RPB at revpoetbrig@gmail.com.

Lisbit Bailey is From RPB, San Francisco.

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