Standing Rock Water Protectors with ‘DAPL cough’: get tested for poisoning

For months, military and police attacked Water Protectors camped to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Tens of thousands of people came to Standing Rock to lend their support. Although the largest camp has now been removed, the struggle continues against the corporations that destroy our water and land.


CANNONBALL, ND – Water Protectors who have traveled to the camps at Standing Rock have reported contracting a condition they refer to as the DAPL cough.

Symptoms of the DAPL cough include coughing accompanied by severe fatigue, deep lung congestion and discomfort. Not cured by antibiotics, it often lasts from two to 16 weeks. Some report bloody noses and brain fog. Others report coughing up blood.

Some say the cough is a simple response to the weather and the rough winter living conditions at camp or a possible reaction to repeated exposure to chemicals sprayed by the police at the front line. Others blame low-flying crop-dusting planes that might be dropping chemicals on the camps late at night.

An EPA report dated April 22, 2016 states that 40,000 pounds of the chemical Chlorophacinone (one of its trade names being Rozol®), which is intended to be applied by hand in prairie dog burrows, was broadcast on the ground of the Meyer’s Ranch property which borders Standing Rock’s Oceti Sakowin camp and contains sacred burial grounds contested in September.

The violations were first discovered in late April, shortly after protests at Standing Rock began, when six dead bald eagles and several dead bison were found on the ranch. The EPA ordered that Meyers till the deadly chemical under the soil, effectively removing the surface contamination, but not reducing the risk of groundwater contamination.

Dead bison were also found as recently as August 2016, documents said.

The EPA reports that prairie dogs were left where they died instead of being routinely removed to protect other wildlife. This makes the entry of Rozol® into the local food chain quite probable. Considering the danger, the EPA’s orders to bury the chemical without any kind of fine or penalty to the commercial farmer seem light in comparison.

Since April 2016, more than 20,000 people and members of over 350 Native American nations have traveled to the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation to join in protests against the DAPL pipeline and to support Native American treaty rights and sovereignty.

Protectors who have fallen ill after their return from the camps have discovered Rozol® and other chemicals in their blood stream and in hair samples and have reported this to the UN.

Therefore, Protectors with symptoms are urged to report to a medical professional and be tested. They should request a full toxicology screening for Rozol®. Chemical exposure is very difficult to diagnose. People must be sure to tell the doctor they were likely exposed to airborne chemicals, with a possibility of ingestion of Rozol®. All suspected positive findings should be sent to Inherent Rights Agency and the Standing Rock Legal Collective.

Sadly, like in Flint, MI, corporate interests are being prioritized over the people’s interests. The possible entrance of these chemicals into the food chain and water table are being ignored, and the rancher is not held responsible for the damage except in the form of cleanup. The health effects of this action must be documented and reported to save lives and to create a paper trail that can be used for accountability.

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22 thoughts on “Standing Rock Water Protectors with ‘DAPL cough’: get tested for poisoning

  1. So disconnected from the Mother that they don’t understand that they’re poisoning themselves. Criminal, amoral fools.

  2. Corporate greed and Morton County corruption is an epidemic in Morton County. Racism is an epidemic on steroids. Together these elements have stepped on the rights of unarmed peaceful water protectors. Even the federal government violates our people’s rights.

  3. Is this eradication of indigenous people once again? Thousands of our people were killed by intentional smallpox exposure. And now this? We don’t need to declare war if this is true. The black snake won’t discriminate. It will kill your babies too. Where is the media? Who will pay for this crime?

  4. Why does the US allow the use of such chemicals? I’m not convinced that this poisoning came from a prior prairie dog massacre, which wouldn’t have been needed if predators were not killed off. This matter needs continued investigation. The Prairie dog story may just be a convenient cover up for Morton County terrorists.

    • Yes. While the prarie dog story may be true, numerous people on the ground saw crop dusters in November broadcasting something into the air above camp. Anyone with information about this should contact the SR Legal Collective. If anyone knows what chemicals have already been found in hair samples of Water Protectors, please share here, so I and others can get properly tested. Thanks!

  5. I am Praying that all the poisoned find a healing solution to this unacceptable genocide of Prayerful Peaceful Water Protectors before anymore lose their life. Condolences to our Brothers and Sisters and Blessings to Our Mother Earth.

  6. What are the “I inherent rights agency” and “standing rock legal”? Wh
    at is there intention with information given to them. Is this the same
    atoup the published a poster, unconsentually listing the legal names of WPs? Same group the “filed” an “arrest warrant” for Trump? Just checking.

  7. Through knowing Elana Freeland (cutting edge author/researcher of CHEMTRAILS, HAARP, Full spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth) here in Santa Fe, I knew they were being sprayed with God knows what–They have tons of stuff they use in chemtrails. That’s why I sent 100s of face masks, but doubt even the medical staff understood the real threats of the sprays.

    The fact of those sprays and of the move to 5G which requires a cell tower every 3 or 4 houses is expected to raise cancer rates—and it will use the same frequencies as the Pentagon’s “Pain Gun,” also called Active Denial Systems (ADS).

    See Dr. David Carpenter of SUNY on the Thom Hartmann (2/2/17) show explaining the damaging health effects: and to ask all concerned to contact their representatives asking them to STOP and test health effects first.

  8. I hope that the diagnosis of DAPL cough will be properly recognised and that the source will be properly attributed – chemical warfare is the most cowardly in that it is so insidious and invisible. Shame on the perpetrators!

  9. This is bad journalism and irresponsible. The dapl cough has nothing to do with rozol exposure. Some people had whooping cough aka a hundred day cough that even after treatment you still cough your just no longer contagious.
    Some people had shitty lungs to begin with. Also living in the ND winter off grid, going in and out of the cold, smoking too many cigarettes and the occasional exposure to chemical weapons, the wood smoke in camp all are far more likely contributing factors than Rozol poisoning.
    Grief and loss affect the lungs and can make them weak when unresolved according to Chinese medicine this to makes more of sense than Rozol exposure.

  10. I was poisoned (was..hmmm) … sept 28th cropduster spread a mustard yellow powder over us as we prayed… I was in a wheelchair/homebound 5 months … now walking with much pain. Dr’s don’t want to prove their govt uses chemical weapons.

  11. It’s horrendous! people being so blatantly mistreated; & continually throughout history; I am just thoroughly disgusted with the heartless; disregard shown & the “good” fight having to be constantly fight for basic human dignity & respect; with no regard to those who suffer through the hands of local paid authority & having to have the fear of fighting on the legal front as well; having to prove still in this land; That we are guilty before proven innocent

  12. And yet the white house used the same excuse to bomb syria. The world should to pay attention to this injustice and be sure the source of the poisoning is brought to justice

  13. the mere existence of Rozol for ‘prarie dog’ control would be perfect cover for overflights spraying even more poisons on the demonstrators. all the tents and other possessions should also be tested for poisons of any kind. Chemical warfare against US citizens deserves a military response.

  14. its heart breaking the USA government will do this evil act.. so what are they going to do now?? the government needs to give back every bit of land and pressures gem and soil, riches the government has stolen and to stop murders all the native people. the governments needs to be EDUCATED from the native Americans how to treat the mother earth and the thunder beings and all 4 legged s.. blessings and WATER IS LIFE, stop murdering indigenous woman, children LOVE EACH OTHER

  15. I am deeply saddened by this . They have no interests in human life ,animal life or life at sll. Money is their affliction. And where will this stop.

  16. I was there in November…I slept outside under the stars….a plane flew over and sprayed the camp. I ended up sick with the cough. I now have asthma and lung nodules that I did not have before Standing Rock. They definitely sprayed us with something!

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