Texas: The fight for the arts


My art can be described as bringing a piece of street art indoors—whether it be a museum or your living room wall. In the past, graffiti artists have painted on canvas. Usually these pieces are the artist’s name or design on canvas. My art is basically the same concept, however, my pieces are taken from an actual mural painted on the city streets. As with any art, the target audience is all people from all places. Here in the Rio Grande Valley, we are in dire need of more art-based programs to give kids the ability to express themselves in a positive atmosphere and setting. In our area, art is seen as something used to merely pass the time. In reality, students should be given the ability to sharpen their artistic abilities so that they can compete with kids in bigger cities, attending art schools or private art classes. Because of the poverty in our area, kids with amazing artistic skills must push their talent aside in order to gain employment instead of allowing their talent to gain momentum. Sadly, here, most districts put little to no emphasis on artistic expression. I believe there will always be a place for art in the future.

-Gilberto Garza, Rio Grande Valley, Texas

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