Trump picks ‘Big Oil’ rep to run E.P.A.

Many people raised environmental fears at the Women’s March in January, 2017
Photo/Adrian Garcia

Ever hated an organization or agency so bad you wished you could run it so you could make it fit your and your buddies’ needs? Scott Pruitt did. The E.P.A. kept him from allowing his fracking buddies to destroy Oklahoma, which already has 100s of earthquakes from fracking and injecting the waste back into the earth.  Now he RUNS the very agency he sued (14 times.)  A big oil former governor now runs the E.P.A. A big oil exec is Secretary of State.  What do you think is about to happen? Never forget the last time oil barons were in power . . . Bush and Cheney.  The paper laws are set up for them too drill and frack America without any regulations. The paper laws are making it illegal to stop this senseless practice.  The Eco War is here.  Time to fight back for our planet. THINK . . . PREPARE . . . ACT

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