Third year commemoration of the poisoning of Flint

Some of the People’s Tribune editions that put a spotlight on Flint.


April, 2017 marks the third year commemoration of the poisoning of the water and the people of Flint. As a tribute to their monumental struggle, which has put the fight for clean water in the national spotlight, the People’s Tribune is devoting a full page to Flint’s struggle, which continues.

The People’s Tribune has been reporting on the poisoning since Day 1, long before corporate media paid attention. We were among the first on the scene because the People’s Tribune is a true voice of the people.

We open our pages to those who are paying the price of the corporate takeover of our country and are leading the fight for a resolution in favor of all of us.

Included below are excerpts from some of the many stories we published on this corporate-made human catastrophe.

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Water Unfit for auto production
General Motors stunned the public by declaring it would no longer use city of Flint water because the chlorine levels were too high, causing axle parts to prematurely rust. November, 2014

Emergency Manager law enables corporate takeover of Michigan’s water
The drive to turn over water—that is life—to corporate is well under way in Michigan, and moving rapidly.  August, 2015

Marchers on the “Water Justice Journey,” a 70-mile march from Detroit to Flint for water as a human right. PHOTO/VALERIE JEAN

Dictatorship in Michigan: Flint Water Warriors expose the truth
‘Under the notorious Emergency Manager law, several municipalities and school districts in Michigan have been denied the ability to control or make decisions about their communities . . .  Emergency Managers sell off public assets and privatize public services. February, 2016

Why are they poisoning our children?
“My trust in everybody is completely gone, out the door. We’ve been lied to so much, and these aren’t little white lies. These lies are affecting our kids for the rest of their lives . . .” February, 2016

Flint Water Warriors expose the truth
I’m devastated . . . I believed in my government. Flint is not rich, it’s minority. Poor whites, poor Blacks… And they knew about it? That hurts. February, 2016

Judge sentences Flint activist — Likens her actions to Dallas killings
Gertrude Marshall was arrested  . . .  while protesting the water situation at the Flint Farmers Market. Judge Cathy Doud shocked the courtroom . . . [comparing Gertrude’s] role in the incident to “what happened in Dallas,” where five Dallas police officers were killed. August, 2016

The water crisis continues in Flint, going into year three.

Flint in forefront of battle for health care for everyone
Bringing Medicare for All to Flint, including prescription drugs, would build on the precedent set in Libby, Montana and create a health care model for the whole country.  April, 2016

“Here’s to Flint,” a new documentary about the poisoning of a city
“It is very much about the children; also about the adults and teenagers that have been poisoned . . . it’s up to us to light that fire and start holding people accountable for what we need here  . . .” April 2016

“Don’t forget us! We need some help!” say Flint women
“They don’t care. They really don’t care. They…fixing a few (pipes) but it’s still just as bad. It’s like we’re the forgotten city now.” February, 2017

People at the Federal Court in Cincinnati, Ohio, where a challenge to Michigan’s Emergency Management (corporate dictator) law was raised to the federal level. The law allowed for Flint’s poisoning.

No justice no water peace Flint, MI
“Our community is being devoured and sliced by the stakeholders and Gov. Snyder with the consent of our elected officials’ participation.” March, 2017

Water for life, not for profit
“The Flint experience makes clear that the corporate politicians and parties can’t represent the people . . . Water should be publicly owned and the government should guarantee that everyone is able to get safe, clean water, regardless of ability to pay.” January, 2016

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One thought on “Third year commemoration of the poisoning of Flint

  1. I depend on the People’s Tribune for coverage of the public health crisis in Flint, MI. They were one of the first to expose the real reason for this disaster and the political forces behind it. The People’s Tribune does not mince words and goes to the basic facts of why these horrible things are happening to us.

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