Homeless, Not Hopeless


Sitting in my tent
More time spent

Everything’s just okay
That I will make it through another day
Policy turns a blind eye
Do they want me to die?

My bones shake worse than earthquakes
So, this is by my mistake?
Say, by the hand of fate?
I’ll wait

Waiting to hear of something good
Fairy tale endings like Robin Hood
Can’t steal from the rich
While they oppress the poor

They won’t even let me in the store
“I’m hungry sir” I implore
Afraid of what they do not know
Here’s a real reality show

Hundreds dying by the year
Am I the only one to shed a tear?
This is not just my mistake
Left in the garden, broken rake

It’s something we all perpetuate
This continued misguided, misplaced hate
Maybe turn our eyes to our state
To open up the Golden Gates

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