Whose government: The corporations’ or We the People’s?

Disabled people were arrested after protesting the Senate healthcare bill outside Sen. Mitch McConnell’s office on Capitol Hill. The bill would dismantle Medicaid as we know it.


Every issue that confronts the people today—such as water, healthcare, homelessness, the environment—poses the question: Will the corporations continue to take over society or will society take over these corporations?

This question is fought out today in the struggle over whether government will serve the corporations or the people.

Today, science and technology are creating the potential for unlimited abundance of food, healthcare, housing and water, and at the same time forcing millions into poverty wage jobs, or permanent unemployment.  We, the people are demanding—in so many words—that we have the abundance of housing, healthcare, education, and even water, whether we have money to pay or not. With nowhere to turn, we are demanding that the government intervene on our behalf. This means nationalization, putting under government control key aspects of the economy necessary for our survival, and distributing the abundance to us at affordable costs.

The billionaire ruling class, the owners of the giant corporations that produce and own the wherewithal of life, is also making demands on the government. As technology eliminates jobs it is steadily reducing the corporations’ ability to sell things. The corporations need government funds and action to preserve their profits, wealth and property. Obamacare (the ACA), for example, represents nationalization for the corporations, because it funnels public money to the healthcare industry. The privatization of public water is nationalization for the corporations. The list goes on.

For our part, we are demanding that water be kept public, clean and affordable; that government house the skyrocketing homeless population; that the hungry be fed; and that everyone have healthcare. We are calling for government to stop the corporations from destroying the environment, and more.

We know the government is in the hands of the corporations, but we must demand that the government be our government if we the people are going to survive. Either we have a government that represents us or we die. Winning the fight over who the government serves will set the stage for taking the next step toward building a new society without corporations that is truly of, by and for the people.

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