Bill Bunting on love, peace and the need to “think”

Bill Bunting

Editor’s note: Following Charlottesville, Bill Bunting received tens of thousands of positive messages about his videos from people of all walks of life who want love and unity. Please view his videos or at Bill is a fan of the People’s Tribune and encourages everyone to subscribe or order bundles of the paper from

Good Morning Y’all,

WOW…what a week. Lots of extremes from both sides of our energy . . . meaning lots of hate and lots of love. But from what I saw love won this week’s battles. Many people opened their eyes as well as their hearts and brains and saw some of the lies that divide. And many of those swore to never look back at those lies but instead move forward with our brotherhood.

I see a great unity brewing. And I see a lot of stereotypes being busted…people seeing that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Realizing a brother or sister who truly has your back can come in any shape or size . . . be anyone.

So seeing that made me have hope that we can drop what we see with our eyes and begin to look with our souls.

Think about that. What does your mind’s eye show you.





Voices from the people after Charlottesville


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