Voices from the people after Charlottesville

Some of the 40,000 protesters in Boston (and around the country) fighting for a humane world and against white supremacy following the Charlottesville killing of Heather Heyer. PHOTO/STEPHEN WADE THOMSON,WWW.PLOMOMEDIA.COM


Editor’s note: The following quotes from Facebook following Charlottesville illustrate that the American people are sharpening their thinking in the fight for a humane world. The next step is discussing solutions in humanity’s interests.

“The powerful elite of this country has had us at each other’s throats forever. That way we can’t see them destroying this planet in the rush for more and more money and power. Unfortunately they seem to have forgotten we all reach the gates of heaven with what we entered the world with NOTHING, absolutely nothing.”

“One day black white brown yellow red will unite . . . they will fight off the true enemy . . . the ones that deprive us of our pride . . . love. . . . life. . . . freedom. . . . we will take down anyone and anything in our way that portrays themselves as a wall, a gate, an obstacle. We will climb the highest of mountains to reclaim our freedom . . . No matter what race you may be . . . dear America I would die standing on my feet than live on my knees.”

“I believe all this to be by design. . . . these people that actually run this country, along with the rest of the world, are many, many steps ahead of everyone else… They think in terms of generations, and decades, where we, the general public are thinking in years and months…They have this situation exactly how they want it.”

“We have to change the way we think. It’s the only way you can know that you can be deceived.”

“If more people would understand that all presidents are puppets I bet the two party system would be flat on its face.”

“Maybe Humanity has finally realized that it’s not about being Black or white or any other color but about being a Human Being and trying to love one another and at least try and over come the obstacles we are facing.”


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