Bill Bunting: “Uniting against those who seek to keep us slaves”

Bill Bunting

Editor’s note: Bill Bunting produces thought-provoking videos about issues of concern to people from all walks of life who want love and unity. View Bill Bunting’s videos at or at Bill would like to hear from our readers about solutions to our problems. Here are some excerpts from Bill’ comments and from his viewers. – The People’s Tribune

From Bill Bunting:

“We the people,

Here is your chance. Tell us your solutions to our problems keeping us from loving our brother and uniting against those who wish to keep us slaves.

No bullshit . . . just straight talk and real solutions.

No rules, just one guideline. talk to your brother and sister the way you wish to be talked to.

Now….tell us how we can be free . . .tell us how we can save our planet

Speak up

All welcome

Since communication is key to unity what can we do to better listen to each other?”

Comments from Bill Bunting’s Facebook page

“We need to realize that we all have different experiences in this life and open our hearts and ears to truly listen to what others go through.”

“We have so much more in common than we don’t. Let’s build on that!”

“We need to be compassionate and objective. We need EACH OTHER! Once we realize we ALL must unite, THAT’S when we’ll all truly be free from fear!”

“Far too often we like to dismiss each other and our experiences. We can no longer do that. I think most often we do that out of fear. We need to have more empathy for each other. We are all human beings, not a race, not a color, human beings. Once we realize that, and begin to really listen. All of the other puzzle blocks as I call them will fall into place.”

“I want to know why we allow politicians to enslave us? Why aren’t they in jail?”

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2 thoughts on “Bill Bunting: “Uniting against those who seek to keep us slaves”

  1. Because, Bill, many people are sheep. They’re not going to listen because the status quo has already set up its own agenda and it’s hard for people go against the flow as the saying goes. No one wants to be the only one, noone wants to be the exception. Family is people too. I suggest more media coverage about issues that impact the people of this country and the world.

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