Oakland sweep: It’s not only immoral, it’s criminal


Mike Lee, homeless leader and mayoral candidate.

OAKLAND, CA — Today started out well enough on outreach in Oakland. Then we got a call of a sweep at 29th and MLK. As I walked up I saw a garbage truck tossing peoples meager possessions away. Deja Vu of the 17 times I experienced the same thing.

My heart broke as I saw the remains of people’s shattered lives. They were forced to live in such conditions by a system which no longer has a need for them. Now instead of leaving them alone to survive together as best as they can, the powers that be terrorize them even further.

As we walked over to 30th, I had to hold back tears, as all I saw was pain and misery. To pick on 400 of our weakest members of society like this is not only immoral it is criminal.

I sat on a chair with broken heart amongst pieces of someone’s shelter, discarded furniture that provided a moments rest, a filthy mattress used by someone to find just a quick bit of comfort.

My anger started to boil over, Frustration oozed out of every pore.

Never Again I vowed, Never Again.

I have boots on the ground and found others who felt the same as I do. Together we are going to provide a hand up. Provide the tools and resources to help folks self-organize.

To the City of Oakland. You have lied to us enough. We will make sure that this never happens again

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