Unity of all people

Rev. Edward Pinkney from Benton Harbor with fellow activist Valerie Jean from Detroit.


BENTON HARBOR, MI — It has been a bad month for the people. We need a revolution now! We need a new society!

Here is a rundown of the month: Another killer cop walks free in Saint Louis, Missouri. How can we allow police to continue to kill Black people, and with no penalty? Democrats and Republicans vote overwhelmingly to pass a $75 billion increase in the military budget when so many people go hungry. Trump plans to send every Mexican back to Mexico. Trump wants all Mexicans out. Trump threatens to destroy North Korea in his address to the United Nations.

At the center of the United States of America’s strategy to maintain its oppressive dominance of this world and create disunity is the repression of Mexican immigrants in this country.

My dear friend who lived in Benton Harbor, and her husband, told me she no longer wants to live in this country. She said racism is out of control. She is going home to Mexico. She said she attempted six times to get into this country and six times she was sent back. She and her family are going home on their own. She can no longer accept the oppression in the United States of America and prefers to return to her own country.
Research shows that more Mexican people in the United States are actually returning home today than arriving, because of the conditions here.

My friend, said let the truth be told. The establishment, the corporations and government, in the United States of America, are a system that operates to oppress the people.

There is a war going on—and it’s against all of us. This is why I am asking the community and country to help me build a resistance movement with the capacity to check the systematic violence that we and the people of the world are subjected to. We need unity of all people.

We must start a revolution for a moral society that values every human being.

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