Water shutoffs in Detroit – in midst of Midwest heat wave

Trucks shutting off water to homes in Detroit in the middle of a heat wave.


Family and friends: This is real!! Low-income people in the United States of America who cannot afford basic residential water and sewage costs are denied it, even in the midst of a Midwest heat wave!

No drinking water to stay hydrated, no water to flush your toilet, no water to wash your dishes or laundry, no water for coffee or to cook some beans. When will we as citizens demand this great nation stop abusing our most vulnerable people and demand that water is a human right?

Sigh… and these shutoffs (Ed. Note: The city of Detroit has shut off water to tens of thousands of low income families.) take place with an accompanying armed guard threatening witnesses! Meanwhile city officials STILL refuse to implement the low-income Water Affordability Plan for vulnerable babies and elders that would stop shutoffs. Shame. —From the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization

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