Humans Need Not Apply


Two horses in the early nineteen hundreds begin contemplating new technology. One worries that all these new mechanical horses may put them out of work. The other reminds him, “everything so far has made our lives easier…”

This is a scene from the Youtube video Humans Need Not Apply, made by CGP Grey who makes informational videos about topics including history, politics, and science. Humans Need Not Apply explains automation and how it will fundamentally change the economy and way of life for workers across the world. Not just physical laborers either, this video explains how professional and even creative workers will be replaced by artificial intelligence (AI).

“This is an economic revolution. You may think we have been here before, but we haven’t,” Grey states bluntly.

Watch the video, stay informed, and fight for a future where humanity can thrive! Search on Youtube: “Humans Need Not Apply CGP Grey,” or go to and click on Visions and Views.

— Contributed by David Williams

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