Society could provide for everyone. Why isn’t it?


Why can’t we house, feed, and provide healthcare for everyone in our country? The answer is we can. There are plenty of resources but they are owned and controlled by a handful of wealthy people and giant corporations. The rest of us have no say in how those resources are used. We go hungry, sleep in the streets, go without water, healthcare and education simply because we have no money to buy what we need. This is morally wrong! The private ownership of how we produce what we need to live is in the way of us doing the right thing and providing for everyone.

If the people owned and controlled society’s giant industries that produce our food, water, housing and healthcare, would we let people sleep in the street and eat out of garbage cans? Would we force people to do without clean water? Of course not! But with the advent of labor-replacing technology that creates more joblessness or starvation wage jobs, we, the people, either have to make that technology public property and run the economy ourselves, or we have to keep taking what the billionaires and corporations give us. And what they are giving us is permanent unemployment, poverty, war and repression.

Modern technology gives us the means to create unlimited abundance. That means an end to hunger, homelessness and doing without healthcare. It means everyone would have a place in society and the opportunity to contribute. But to have that abundance, the people have to own the means of producing what we need to live. And that means we have to unite all who can be united, and organize to get the power to take our country away from the billionaires and corporations. Then we can create a society where everyone gets what they need and everyone contributes what they can to help society move forward.


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One thought on “Society could provide for everyone. Why isn’t it?

  1. I see and hear so many people fighting for housing, for justice for victims of police brutality, but they seem to hesitate to fight against capitalism and the politicians on the edge, just waiting to else they can capture for trying. In this holiday season, I hope more people give up the ideological divide and concentrate on working/organizing together for a world where nobody has to do without the basic necesitties God/Nature has given us to live a healthy, decent life.

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